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General Price List


General Price List

Prices effective March 1, 2011

(Subject to change without notice)

Foster Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc.

216 Project Drive – St. Ignatius, Montana 59865

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Payment Terms

Arrangement of payment of goods & services is required prior to the services rendered (Delivery of the death certificates). For your convenience we accept cash or checks. Credit cards are accepted and processed through a common merchant terminal and thus do not read Foster Funeral Home. We also accept payment through verifiable, irrevocable, assignable insurance payments and tribal burial benefits when applicable. In the event that an estate is to be billed then a one time estate fee of $500.00 is assessed.  

For those that can pay at time of arrangements a $200.00 bookkeeping discount is given.

Price of Services

Basic services of Funeral Director, Staff and Overhead

This fee represents a proportionate share of our operating costs necessary to provide our customers with the best facilities and services that we can offer. It is made up of two components: services of our funeral director and staff; and basic overhead.

$ 350*

Our services include (but not limited to):

Initial response to request for service (24 hour availability / first call); Planning the funeral; Consulting with the family or responsible party; Sheltering of remains; Preparation, certification and filing of necessary documentation, authorization and permits; Recording of vital statistics; Creating / Preparation or submission of obituary notices; Coordinating with the cemetery, crematory or other third parties.

 Our Overhead includes (but not limited to):

Taxes; Licenses; Utilities; Maintenance; Equipment; Inventory; Administration / Staff Salaries; Fees and Insurances

In the event that only the gathering of vital statistics for filing the death certificate is performed a reduced fee of $250.00 is charged.

Care of the Deceased

Transportation $ 350*

Removal and transfer of remains from place of death to the funeral home within the local trade area. (Kalispell, Plains, Missoula and the Flathead Reservation)

In the event that the place of death (Hospital, ambulance, coroner or nursing home) calls someone other than who you request then they should be responsible for those fees and our service would entail the removal from that funeral home.

Embalming $ 800*

Embalming is a chemical process that provides temporary preservation of the body and eliminates certain health hazards. Sanitary preparation of the deceased is part of the embalming process. The procedure must be completed by a mortician licensed by the state in almost every situation.

Except in certain special cases, embalming is not required by law. Embalming may be necessary, however, if you select certain funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with visitation. If you do not want embalming, you usually have the right to choose an arrangement that does not require you to pay for it, such as direct cremation or immediate burial. According to 37.166.103 Administrative Rules of Montana, a body “en route more than 8 hours, or if the termination of common carrier transport occurs more than 36 hours after time of death, the body must be either embalmed or refrigerated at 35 degrees or F or colder,” or “when being transported by a private conveyor and the body will not reach its destination within 48 hours after time of death, must be either embalmed or refrigerated at 35 F or colder.” This firm assumes no liability whatsoever for the condition or appearance of remains if not embalmed. In such cases, we reserve the right to regulate or restrict viewing as well as time and manner of service.

Cremation $ 900

The casket or cremation container is brought to a crematory where it is placed in a cremation chamber which is heated to an extremely high temperature. The intense heat reduces the casket or cremation container, as well as the remains, to small bone fragments which are placed in a processor and reduced in size. The cremated remains are then placed in an urn or temporary container and returned to family.

Other Preparation of the Deceased:

 * Sanitary care – washing and disinfecting of the remains $ 75   

 * Dressing & Casketing $ 25

            * Hairdresser $ 25

            * Refrigeration (per day) $ 75

            * Custody and sheltering $ 100

            * Post Autopsy Repair $ 400

Use of Facilities, Equipment and Staff

Visitation & use of equipment for a Traditional Native Wake

Our Premises:

· Use of our facility, and services of our funeral director (s) and staff in coordinating and supervising a Rosary, Vigil or visitation after 6 pm (4 hours per night). -- $ 250

· Services on Holidays ( Rosary, Vigil or ceremonies ) --  $ 250

Off Premises:                                                                                      

· Use of our facility, and services of our funeral director (s) and staff in coordinating and supervising a Rosary, Vigil or visitation after 6 pm in the evening. --    $ 250

· Services on Holidays ( Rosary, Vigil or ceremonies ) --$400

· Use of equipment for a Traditional Native Wake (up to 5 days) --$300 

Funeral Ceremony or Memorial Ceremony

* Use of equipment, staff and facilities or in other facilities for funeral ceremonies --$ 400

* Use of equipment and staff for a Graveside Ceremony or Memorial service--$ 400

* Committal of Cremated Remains --                          $ 200


The Gathering:

* Use of Kitchen and Facility for Reception --   $ 75     

Weekend & Holiday Services:

* The holding of services (cremation or traditional burial) on weekends  --       $ 150

* The holding of services (cremation or traditional burial) on holidays  -- $ 300

(Holidays include New Years Day, Ash Wednesday, Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving weekend - Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday and Christmas/Boxer Day)

Use of Transportation, Equipment & Staff

Transportation of Deceased

* Use of Utility Vehicle and driver.          --            $ 150

* Use of Funeral Coach and driver.      --            $ 250

Transportation of Family / Pallbearers

* Use of Limousine.  --  $ 125

Other Transportation Charges:

* Transportation of remains beyond normal trade area. (per mile one way)$ 2.00

* Transportation of Urn within normal trade area $ 100

              (Is included with utility vehicle charge)

* Transportation of Flowers / equipment within normal trade area $50

* Transfer to Airport (Spokane or Bozeman) $ 250

* Transfer to Amtrak (Whitefish) $ 100

* Transportation & grave set up at St. Ignatius Indian Cemetery $ 100

                                                       Jocko & Ronan Cemeteries $ 125

                                                         Lonepine & Camas Prairie $ 200

Minimal services

Forwarding of remains to another funeral home: No Service

* Basic Services Fee                                                                         $350

* Removal and transfer of deceased to the funeral home ..         $ 350

* Embalming (if relevant)                                                                 $ 800

* Utility Vehicle.                                                                                $150


 Total $ 1,650 plus mileage & Necessary shipping container

Shipping Containers

· Air tray for casketed remains   $ 200

Combination shipping tray         $ 300

Note one of the above mentioned containers is required for shipping by common carrier.

Receiving Remains from another Funeral Home:

* Basic Services Fee ----$ 350

* Removal and transfer of deceased to the funeral home----$ 350

* Custody and sheltering----$ 150

* Utility Vehicle--$ 150


Total $ 1,000 plus mileage & ceremony fees

Receiving of cremated remains from another funeral home (no service)

* Receiving by mail and transport to cemetery/scattering area $ 225

Immediate Burial (without funeral ceremony):

* Basic Services Fee ......................................................$ 700

* Local removal and transfer of deceased to the funeral home .. $ 300

* Custody and sheltering............................................................... $ 100

* Sanitary care – washing and disinfecting of the remains. ...........$ 75  

* Dressing & Casketing.....................................................................$ 25

* Utility Vehicle ..................................................................................$ 100


Total $ 1,300 plus casket

Casket Choices

* Provided by customer  $ 0   or

* Provide by funeral home (starting at – See Price List) $ 600


Direct Cremation Package

Basic overhead fees -- $ 350

Local removal--$350

Refrigeration/sanitary care --$150 (Montana law does not allow cremation in the first 24 Hrs)

Crematory Fee-- $900 (Includes basic plastic urn and cremation container)

Service vehicle -- $150


Total --$ 1,900

These services do not include; other preparation of the deceases except as specifically set out above; visitation or funeral ceremony; merchandise; automotive equipment except specifically set out above); cemetery costs; newspaper notices or other cash advance items.

Merchandise Price List

Prices effective March 1, 2011

(Subject to change without notice)

Misc. Merchandise (subject to availability)

Temporary grave marker -- $ 15.00

Memorial register book starting at --$ 40.00

Memorial folders per 150 folders --- $125.00

Prayer cards per 80 cards --$ 75.00

Laminations prayer card or obituary-- $ 3.00

Crucifixes -- $ 15.00

Rosaries --$ 10.00

Candles-- $ 10.00 each

Memorial packet -- $300.00

(Register book, 300 folders, 80 prayer cards, 16 laminated prayer cards, one crucifix and 4 candles)

Outer Burial Containers

Full Size Burials

Wood Grave Box--$ 225.00

Polyguard Liner/vault -- $ 500.00

Wilbert Vault starting at $1,500.00 depends on model & cemetery location

Cremation Burials

Urn Vaults

Hepburn Plastic -- $ 100.00

Polyguard -- $ 225.00

Wilbert Cement -- $ 895.00


Amish built Plain -- $ 660.00

Rose Lawton or Grey lambskin cremation -- $ 700.00

Local Built Basic Pine -- $ 800.00

White, Blue or Silver 20 gauge -- $ 1,100.00

Cedar Pendleton -- $ 1,200.00

Going Home, Golden Jewell or Misty Rose --$ 1,600.00

Unita Pine or Poplar--$ 2,200.00

Silver Rose 18 gauge -- $ 2,400.00

Mandarin 18 gauge -- $ 2,400.00

Ruby, Colonial Pine or Atlantic Blue -- $ 2,800.00

Oak, or Stainless Steel -- $ 3,600.00

Copper or Mahogany starting at -- $ 4,500.00


Basic Plastic -- $ 10.00

Basic Metal -- $ 55.00

Crafted Wood(By Gordon Schliep) -- $ 150.00

Synthetic marble -- $ 225.00

Elegante Brass (4 models) -- $ 300.00

Newman Bros (3 models) -- $ 300.00

Ceramic -- $ 300.00

Marble -- $ 300.00

Cloisonne -- $ 400.00

Other urns may be available and vary according to inventory.

Other urns are available through the catalogs & we are glad to order them for you.

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