Guest Book for Gyda Ione Swaney

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Posted by: Dan
Sat July 20, 2019
I knew Gyda as a colleague at work. She was a gentle soul and always a true pleasure to work with. She was always good for a laugh as well, and had a great sense of humor (we shared more than a few hallway instances of self-deprecating humor, usually at my expense of course, but who's counting? :-)  

She always carried a warm, genuine smile on her face, and was a very welcoming person. Even in disagreement or debate, she always showed her best side. She didn't have to invalidate your belief in order to validate hers, and she always made those around her feel welcome. It may sound cliche, but she made a bright room brighter, and a dark one not so difficult to wade through.

As an educator, I had the greatest of respect for her, as she set a high standard for her students and insisted they think deeply about what they were working on. While others in my department could no doubt attest more to her list of contributions, I do know she invested a lot of time in her students and took her mentoring of them very seriously with a sense of tremendous responsibility. Even when she was ill she made it a point to still mentor her students the best she could, and was truly dedicated to them, even attending a student's oral defense via video conference in her final months when she was not feeling well at all.  

She was also very principled rather than political, and was a beacon for truth and sincerity. I will miss her friendly smile and her endearing personality. May you rest in Peace Gyda. May your family and loved ones take comfort in knowing that your spirit lives on in our hearts and all who you touched.

Posted by: Dan
Sun July 21, 2019
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